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Artist Biography

Nadiah Nadzirah is an aspiring artist based in Singapore. She is an alumnus of Lasalle College of the Arts, Diploma and a Bachelor's in Fine Arts. Specializing in many different mediums which include, drawing, painting, and printmaking. She practices the idea of fine lines within her mixed media artworks as her trademark. She enjoys researching emotions and reactions within her practice. She is open to new challenges and experiences. Her results are constantly questioned because of the different techniques, mediums, and colors in her work. 

Nadiah is passionate about teaching children and wishes to pass down her skills to future artists especially those who are struggling academically. She was a part-time art teacher for many years and will continue to find more teaching opportunities to pursue her goal. She was awarded a distinction diploma and also the Anugerah Mendaki and MTFA Scholarship twice in 2022 and 2023.


Jobs & Experiences


Art Teacher

The Art People (2019-2021)

.Ages of students: Toddlers to age 15

.Sizes of Classes: 10 Students/class

.Admin Jobs and Interaction with Parents

Artary (2022-2023)

.Ages of students: Toddlers to age 15

.Sizes of Classes: 5 Students/class

.Cleaning and Interaction with Parents

MOE (Currently)

.Unity Secondary School 



Comma Space

.Exhibition Assistant

.Help with Files and Folders

.Installation and Measurements

.Contacting all Artists

.Website and Social Media

.Artist Visits

.Reorganization and Suggestions



.Lasalle Show 2022

.In Charge of Digital Items

.Installation and Measurements

.Reorganization and Suggestions


Part Time Positions

. Front Desk Position 

- Café


-Serve Customers 

-Do regular Cleaning

- Made beverages and serves cakes

 .Dismantle Computers Position

- Learn about wires and computers

-Arrange and Collect

.Retail (2018-2019)

-Fix Sandals

.Cashier duties 

.Work Independently

.Interact and serve customers including Singapore Influencers/actors

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